Venturing into the Omniverse

Hey, how are you? Are you getting settled in okay? Cool. Here, drink this. Don’t worry, it’s a little thing X always called “coffee”. I’m horribly addicted to it. Oh, you’ve heard of it, nice.

So, what would you like to do? You’ve been here for a while now, what do you think about visiting some of the realms? Yea? Awesome. Now, there’s something you’ll need to keep in mind on our little journey. You can visit different planets, galaxies, and even parallel versions of Earth, but the realms are a little different.

When the Great Elders created the Omniverse, they also created distinct realms and beings to live within them. When these factions were first created, they were all designed to perform specific tasks to keep the Omniverse running smoothly. However, a few of the factions have splintered off and have become a bit darker in nature. Don’t worry, they can’t kill you, but they’re just not very friendly.

When we enter these different realms, we need to make sure to pay homage to the keeper of the realm. Each realm has one individual who’s in charge. As I said before, these beings can’t kill you, because you’re already dead, but they can make your existence here unbearable. And you never know when you’ll need that faction’s help on your travels. Just saying.

Anyway, I think we’ll travel to the realm of the Elvin Clans first. Why are you laughing? Yes, elves are real but don’t expect to find a world filled with little people with pointed ears. They don’t look much different than we do, but they are a lot smarter. If you ever need information, this is the faction you’ll want to contact.

Still a little nervous? That’s okay, have some more coffee and I’ll fill you in on what to expect.

The realm of the Elvin Clans is like walking into a magical forest. You can just feel the energy in the air. It’s misty and rugged. It’s a little intimidating, but if you just let the magic surround you, you’ll feel its calming essence.

Next, we’ll make our way to the alter of Yana the Wise. This is where we’ll give thanks for allowing us into their realm. She’ll come to us and guide us the rest of the way through the realm.

Yana is one of the Mystic Mothers. These are the females who possess all the knowledge of the healing arts and speak with nature. They know which plants to use for medicinal purposes and which ones to avoid. I get a lot of the ingredients for my home brewed teas from these women.

The Mystic Mothers are devised of two different sects known as the Sorcery Societies. The first of these is known as The Naturalists. These are the food producers, the tree trimmers, and the flower tenders. They travel throughout the Omniverse and tend to the environments of the planets. They’re the ones responsible for bringing life to places that should never see any. They teach the inhabitants to grow enough food to feed entire nations. They bring beauty to the ugliest of places.

The other sect is known as The Herbalists. These are the herb growers, the potion makers, and the talisman creators. They are the creators of all potions, they know which herbs to use for teas and tonics, and are the inventors of all the useful items made from nature. These are amazing women, but be careful if they offer you a cup of tea. You may see things that aren’t really there. Worse than that, you might see things that are there, but you hadn’t seen beforehand. Don’t ask.

After visiting with the mothers, we’ll go on to meet the Philosophical Fathers. These are the wisest of all wise men. They split into three different sects. These sects are the Seekers of Knowledge, the Searchers of Wisdom, and the Speakers of Prophecies. These are the men who created a vast library filled with anything and everything you could possibly want to know. You could spend a million Earth years in their library and not even scratch the surface. What gets me is that no matter what I’ve ever asked them, they always knew where to direct me to find the answer.

All five sects meet every so often and form the Alliance of the Oracles. They bring any new knowledge or ideas to the table. I was privileged enough to have been to one of these meetings. It’s amazing. Magical chanting and mystical singing. Bonfires all around, smoke filling the air. It’s just something you’ve got to experience to understand.

The third group is the Celestial Sons. They know every star system and galaxy ever to have been created. They read a night sky like it’s a novel. They can tell when supernovas are about to happen, they help birth new stars and put to rest ones about to flame out. If it has to do with the movements of the night sky, they know the answers.

Finally, there are the Destructive Daughters. They sound harsh, but in reality, they’re the protectors of the Omniverse. They know and practice every form of warfare imaginable. They’re the teachers of generals and heroes. They give power to those in need and take it away from those undeserving. I tried to get one of them to work as a bouncer for me, but she wasn’t amused.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to take your first real steps away from the tavern? Good. Take hold of my hand and one of those jewels on the wall. I’ll take hold of another and we’ll be off.

Hey, Kregar, watch the tavern. I’m going on a little trip but I’ll be back. And keep your damn feet off my desk.


Image by SplitShire from Pixabay


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