The Eye of Charon

The man in front of me feinted left, then slashed right with his sword. I expected such a move and blocked, then lunged inside his guard, thrusting the dagger in my off-hand into his abdomen. Our faces were only inches apart as I held it deep inside his guts. “Where is the gem?” I hissed as I heard the sword slip from his hand and clatter to the ground. He didn’t answer, so I repeated the question louder. “Where is the gem?” Blood ran from his nose and mouth now, and when he coughed, it sprayed all over my face […]

The Expanse of the Multi-Verse

What’s up? You look like you need a drink. I know, I know, that last little journey kind of freaked you out. I told you not to turn your back on those Pleasure Gnomes. You’re lucky you got out with your pants on. Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere this time. Thought we’d just take a break and relax a little. I had Kregar make us up a nice Talaus pie and some clakksenberry tea. It’ll help you calm your nerves and you might lose a memory or two. So, you’ve been here a while, you gotta have a few […]