I watched as the impressive bird of prey leaned forward from the branch they were sitting on, spread their wings, and appeared to just fall from the perch, gliding toward me in a wide arc. As they approached their last few feet and prepared to alight on the ground, their body transformed from the bird to that of a man a moment before landing. They studied me, clearly as interested in me as I was in them. I responded by looking them over as they pulled their long silver hair back and tied it in a ponytail. “Well,” I said […]

The Man From the Other Verse

I’d promised my latest assignment that I’d take them on another journey, but that’s going to have to be put on hold. I just had the oddest experience since the day I crossed over. As I stood at the bar pouring drinks, I saw a man come in that just didn’t look or feel right. The dead have a certain vibe about them and this dude didn’t have that. He had a brighter aura than I’d seen since opening the tavern. I knew that aura. It was life. I told the stranger, a man who said he was a god […]

Welcome Stranger

  Welcome stranger. I’m glad you could make it. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lillith and I will be your guide. I can see by the look on your face that you’re not sure about what’s going on around here. Let me explain. You may not realize it, but you’re…well…dead. Anyway, in the sense that your physical body is no longer part of you. Pull up a chair and I’ll do my best to explain everything to you. This is my tavern, the meeting place where every being of every planet and every dimension comes to find […]