She was one of the most powerful women to rule over Egypt. She was married to the heretic, king Akhenaten. Was stepmother to the infamous King Tutankhamun. And disappeared from the written records without a trace. What happened to her? Was she murdered? Were her burial items reused to bury her famous step-son? Or did she find the secret to immortality?

I’ve been in love with ancient history since I was a kid, and Ancient Egypt was where I found my obsession. At the age of 9, I went with a family friend to a King Tut exhibit (circa 1977). I was mesmerized and from that point on, I wanted to know more. I had no idea it would end up shaping everything about my adult life.

The Deathless Desert Queen is my take on what really happened to Queen Nefertiti. I’ve always felt that she got kind of a bad rap. I’m not sure she was an innocent bystander in the whole Amarna affair, but I don’t think she was given a fair shake. In her story, she’s given the gift of immortality simply because she’s smarter than most others around her. I’m still working on her story, so I’ll be as surprised by parts of it as my readers are. As the story unfolds, I’ll post the chapters here.


Chapter 1–Arrival of the Queen
Chapter 2–The Ancient Scrolls
Chapter 3–Handling the Scrolls
Chapter 4–Death of a Prince
Chapter 5–An Uncertain Future



Image by 6557056 from Pixabay

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