How many times have you wondered what lay beyond death? Does it scare you? Does it entice you? What if I told you it was just an extension of what you consider life now?

Lillith was a character I created in late 2019. I’ve always wondered what lay beyond death and with Lillith, I was able to bring my imagination to life in the realm of death. Lillith gave me an outlet when my own mother passed away and today, she still leads me around what I’ve come to call the Omniverse.

As I create her world, I’ll post them here, chapter by chapter. I’m hoping to give her a home in the real world as she continues to take me through hers.

Chapter 1–Welcome Stranger
Chapter 2–Before the Crossing
Chapter 3–X Marked the Spot
Chapter 4–Bringing the Tavern to Life
Chapter 5–Venturing into the Omniverse


Image by ariadne-a-mazed from Pixabay

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