About the Multi-Verse

Lillith and the Multi-Verse are the creations of Christine Graves. Lillith originated on a site called Medium.com and blossomed into an entity all her own. Her story and the worlds within the multi-verse are the sole property of Christine Graves and may not be used in any form without permission from her.

All images used in the posts on this site will be acquired from free images sites. The creator of the image will be given full credit for their work if at all possible.

Any posts added from other authors in the future will be credited to them and will always remain their sole property. Their work may not be used in any form without permission from both the author and the site administration.

Outside ads can and will be found throughout the site. Any proceeds made from these ads will go back into the site to help with upgrades and improvements. However, the main purpose of this site is simply to tell a story.

The site administrator retains the right to change this site without any previous warning. However, if possible, a post will be added to give the reader a head’s up.


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