Kate Rhodes

Kate Rhodes was born mortal but became immortal with the help of the goddess, Hekate. Raised in the lair of the ancient goddess, Kate learned all that there was to magic and sorcery. In time, she left the realm of the goddess and joined the world of the mortals. She came to open a detective agency to help mortals and otherworldly beings alike.

Kate came to me in a not-quite-asleep-not-quite-awake fog. I’ve always had a thing for mythology and monsters and such, but Kate is the first real character I’ve ever created especially for this purpose. She’s causing me to step outside my comfort zone, in a way. I usually write fantasy with a flair for the very ancient. And though aspects of Kate’s story will have that, most of her story will take place between the 17th century and now. Not my usual era.

I love the whole Victorian/gothic/steampunk vibe, but never thought I could write that genre. I’m going to give it a try. No promises, but if I can get Kate to write most of her story herself, we might be in luck. Here’s to the future. Here’s to taking a leap into the unknown.

As I begin to add Kate’s chapters, I’ll post them here as well, giving you easy access to her whole story.

Chapter 1–Kate Rhodes, Paranormal Detective
Chapter 2–Herr Hess 
Chapter 3–Playing God-Part 1
Chapter 4–Playing God-Part 2


Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay



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