Death on a Different Level

I could feel myself spinning out of control. My head swirled and I found it hard to open my eyes. When I did manage to do so, jets of light were streaming toward me at breakneck speed. My stomach flipped again and again, while my arms and legs twitched with convulsed spasms. I tried to scream but all the air seemed to have been sucked from my lungs. Within a few moments, I began to feel myself slow down. I tried again to open my eyes, only to be met with complete darkness. I couldn’t see a thing, I couldn’t […]

The Realm of the Gnome Administration

Hey, you’re awake. Bout time, you’ve been out for what would have been a week on Earth. I told you to be careful if one of the Mothers handed you a cup of tea. FYI…it’s probably not the kind of tea you’d drink in life. Well, maybe, but…yeah. Anyway, have some coffee and I’ll have Kregar fix you something to eat. No, it won’t have fangs in it this time. I thought we’d go on another journey today. Now, don’t look at me like that. If you want to know your way around the Multi-Verse, you’re going to have to […]

The Realm of the Elvin Clans

Hey, how are you? Are you getting settled in okay? Cool. Here, drink this. Don’t worry, it’s a little thing X always called “coffee”. I’m horribly addicted to it. Aw, you’ve heard of it, nice. So, what would you like to do? You’ve been here for a while now, what do you think about visiting some of the realms? Yea? Awesome. Now, there’s something you’ll need to keep in mind on our little journey. You can visit different planets, galaxies, and even parallel versions of Earth, but the realms are a little different. When the Great Elders created the Multi-Verse, […]