Time and Travel

  That’s the funny thing about this place, time has no meaning. The woman, the barkeep, told me it didn’t, but I had difficulty believing or understanding it. I am immortal, time has no power over me, but I still understand it and base the happenings of my life on the fact that it moves linearly. A timeline is a timeline and while mine may extend perpetually, it is still a line.  The thing to remember about gods is that we remember everything. My birth, my childhood, and all the years until now, I recollect them all; and do so […]

The Eye of Charon

The man in front of me feinted left, then slashed right with his sword. I expected such a move and blocked, then lunged inside his guard, thrusting the dagger in my off-hand into his abdomen. Our faces were only inches apart as I held it deep inside his guts. “Where is the gem?” I hissed as I heard the sword slip from his hand and clatter to the ground. He didn’t answer, so I repeated the question louder. “Where is the gem?” Blood ran from his nose and mouth now, and when he coughed, it sprayed all over my face […]