I watched as the impressive bird of prey leaned forward from the branch they were sitting on, spread their wings, and appeared to just fall from the perch, gliding toward me in a wide arc. As they approached their last few feet and prepared to alight on the ground, their body transformed from the bird to that of a man a moment before landing. They studied me, clearly as interested in me as I was in them. I responded by looking them over as they pulled their long silver hair back and tied it in a ponytail. “Well,” I said […]

Time and Travel

  That’s the funny thing about this place, time has no meaning. The woman, the barkeep, told me it didn’t, but I had difficulty believing or understanding it. I am immortal, time has no power over me, but I still understand it and base the happenings of my life on the fact that it moves linearly. A timeline is a timeline and while mine may extend perpetually, it is still a line.  The thing to remember about gods is that we remember everything. My birth, my childhood, and all the years until now, I recollect them all; and do so […]

The Eye of Charon

The man in front of me feinted left, then slashed right with his sword. I expected such a move and blocked, then lunged inside his guard, thrusting the dagger in my off-hand into his abdomen. Our faces were only inches apart as I held it deep inside his guts. “Where is the gem?” I hissed as I heard the sword slip from his hand and clatter to the ground. He didn’t answer, so I repeated the question louder. “Where is the gem?” Blood ran from his nose and mouth now, and when he coughed, it sprayed all over my face […]